What is Prime Well Being ?

Prime Wellbeing is the culmination of 23 years of research and dedication to the practice of well being.

Owned by Catherine Hunt, Specialist Health and Wellbeing practitioner, can offer you solutions to support you, your colleagues and staff to better maintain Work:Life Balance.

Qualified since 1995, with a highly regarded professional reputation, Catherine's ability to care and assist is outstanding.

What does Prime Wellbeing Offer?

At Prime Wellbeing, we provide a number of services, all designed with an holistic approach to health and well being.

The Relaxation Room - Part of Prime Wellbeing

The Spa at Grange Hotel

Based at the beautiful Grange Hotel in Grange over Sands in the Lake District, Prime Wellbeing has a practice as part of the hotel in the Spa, to be visited by local residents and travellers, resident hotel and day guests can visit. Anyone visiting The Relaxation Room, whether guest or a one off appointment, are also able to make use of the spa facilities of Pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Room and Gym with free weights. a treadmill and rowing machines.

The Grange Hotel

Anyone wishing to find out more or book a treatment, can do so either by accessing our online booking page or by calling 07957 861408 or 015395 32183.

Catherine also specialises in creating bespoke experiences, should you wish to call and chat about your requirements, then please do, Catherine particularly likes the tailored and bespoke sessions as they give you time to design your own personal experience.


In house Wellness Partner - Part of Prime Wellbeing

Catherine and her team recognised some time ago, that looking after the nation's workforce was a primary need in today’s fast pace environment.

With many businesses expecting to loose over 30% of their productivity each year to absence and stress, Catherine and her team offer business owners, HR managers, the ability to offer their staff something very valuable indeed.

Time to relax - Catherine has found, having practiced this intervention and researched the benefits, that by offering staff an onsite massage, for 30 mins once a month, staff engagement increases, sickness reduces, anxiety reduces and productivity is improved. Staff feel supported, cared for and invested in. Catherine and her team offer a half day’s or full days on a monthly basis (or more frequently) to come in, set up and look after your team.

Catherine also works closely with companies to design Corporate Social Responsible initiatives to offer Wellness Experience in-house in support of chosen charities.

This can be arranged either at a cost to the business or by a 50/50 contribution between staff member and business owner, or by the staff members making payment themselves, with the business owner donating the time.

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