Creating space...literally

Today is definately one of those days I feel thankful for my skills set. I can work in absolute chaos, with a steely eye for detail, I can cut through to get the job done successfully.

Currently I'm doing just that with boxes of paperwork to shred, old accounts and client records out of storage; a material stash for patchwork to rearrange now I have finally transferred some furniture out of before mentioned storage, and to ignore my latest knitting project that is liable to distract me from managing my new online booking system.

The day was planned until this morning when I checked; 2 people had made late bookings and another one called to squeeze in early evening as they are at a conference at Grange Hotel and couldn't see how to book. I only have availability for set hours on the online system, choosing to arrange evening appointments as and when there is demand. That way we potentially have space for people on holiday or people in need last minute.

Yet it's made me ponder how other people manage with the push and pull of life, juggling all the to dos, not just those things that we want to do, the things we need to do to keep focussed, pacing ourselves, nourishing our bodies by having proper breaks to eat instead of hoovering a quick lunch or rushing dinner.

So it was with delight that this morning started with a chat with Marcus from the Ministry of Change, when he told me how he manages his days to keep himself well and no, let's not talk while he's driving, that's his time to create some space inbetween things.

My making space? A few rows of knitting to clear the mind before heading back to clinic until dinner time, it really would be unkind of me not to.

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