“I love our...” a new series of insights

We get asked a lot to explain what we do, how we offer it to clients and why we encourage people to take time to visit us. I hope these “I love our...” series will illuminate you. And today, I love our...Laura.

Laura and I met at a networking event. In a cheese shop in Kirby Lonsdale. We both weren’t going to go yet something inspired us both, and we may not have met if we both didn’t push ourselves to attend. I think it was July, and it’s must ve been about 6 years ago. And we ve been colleagues ever since.

During the past 12 years I’ve made some firm friends from people I’ve worked with, people I trust implicitly and in answer to “ who massages the masseur?” Well, that d be our Laura and for good reason.

Over the years Laura has always had a very grounded approach to her spirituality, one in which has inspired me to keep focused at time of conflict and confusion as to where my vocation as a well-being Practitioner takes me. We are not Physios and we are not Beauticians, yet what we offer brings these two modalities together to offer a harmonic approach of mind, body and soul centred sessions. Time for us all to reconnect to ourselves.

And this afternoon I did just that. An hour on the couch with Laura working her touch, using her voice to guide me into a state of bliss and me waking up to her saying, “would you like to roll over”. It’s the closest I get to massaging myself and I feel truly blessed to have her in my life to remind me of why I do what’s i do, why I’m so passionately about forging a path for us all to find our place to practice and support our communities.

And yes, I did dribble a bit and no doubt snored a lot. Sign of a good massage in our book.

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