Greater than...

What's the expression?

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts. First coined by the philosopher Aristotle, this phrase aptly defines the modern concept of synergy.

My waking thoughts this morning after a late night chat with Samantha about The Mantra Tour. Another week of missed opportunities, phone calls not returned, emails unanswered.

I must have been soul searching in my sleep to wake to thinking this. The concept that something is more important as a whole than each individual element that makes up the whole. Something I have been putting my mind to for many years now in holding space for people to come together, as working teams, anticipated creative genius moments, alive and excited about what will emerge.

And for Nawab Khan's first tour in the UK I'm feeling the same. Not sure what the outcome will be yet feeling, having a "knowing' in making it happen and being aware of true unconditional love, in service, with friendship, for a greater purpose than my own.

Refining my skills, to empty from each full on day to keep the focus on being available, for whatever i'm being drawn to being part of. Thankful to Samantha Hudson, not just for her professionalism as a singer/songwriter, and as a dear friend; most importantly for being my guiding light and my steady ground when people don't phone you back, return your emails or get behind a project.

I know things take time to line up, to come into being so with grace, excitement and heap loads of gratitude let's line some gigs up in London and Leicester this week.

The Tour starts in

Lindale, Lake District on Wednesday 27th June and finishes in London late July 2018

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