Birth and Death x 3

Illuminating conversation in the Post Office Shop queue this morning. Many might have let it go, but when after cheerily giving a greeting of Hello to the waiting few I over heard, 'well there are so many people in the village now who aren't local". So with a smile and an open heart, as I slipped into my place at the back of the queue I was heard to say 'Oh, if you go back far enough, we're all not local'.

The illumination came from the responses. "No lass, you have to have 3 generations in the graveyard to be local", "Mind you, maybe best, stops inbreeding", and "how many of us are their left', from the lady who would not look at me when I was telling them about my family grave over the water at Fleetwood. Clearly that doesn't count and regional links are not local.

Why 3 generations? Was that because before then we had different burial rites. In India cremations are the way forward and in Japan you keep the spirit of your relatives on a Butsudan, their names on tablets to be remembered.

As it's nearing my birthday my thoughts turn to my family as I walked up the hilll home, how due to our life history, we have been dispersed worldwide, and if the definition of local is...

An inhabitant of a particular area or neighbourhood

...then i am proud to call myself global, with a worldwide perspective and a welcoming heart wherever you were born and bred.

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