It started when I was seven...

My Mother's Medicine Cupboard, 42 years and counting

Having just spent a few days on a course at LIV called Skin To Soul - Conscious Connecting, I have been reminded of the importance of our spiritual understanding of ourselves and how this affects our health and wellbeing. From the upper layers of our skin in which we live, all the way through to our inner organs, how we connect on a spiritual level to ourselves and others can determine the wealth of this experience.

During the course I had a birthday, one which is to me more significant than the big 50 that will be next year. 7 x 7 = 49. That signifies 7 stages of my life. Biographical Counselling, a form of psychology inspired by Anthroposophy, the scientific study of spiritual development, introduced by Rudolf Steiner. My personal quest now is to find out what the previous 6 and the current stage mean to me, in reflecting to seek a deeper meaning on a personal and professional level.