Giving clients the elbow

I have a reputation, one that grows further each year the more people come to see me. A reputation for the kind of practice that goes deep. Deep penetration with the lightest of touch, relaxation on a scale some people haven't felt for years.

So when a client this morning asked for some 'elbow', it was a delight to be able to dust off a technique mastered over the years, one that few seldom ask for on a Relaxation Spa Day.

I trained with Darien Pritchard, of Dynamic Massage, at BCMB and it has been said many many times over, his inspiration of using the forearms has extended my practice all these years, and will continue to for many years to come I'm sure.

Dynamic Forearm Technique has inspired many other schools to use the forearm and elbow to assist practitioners to give deep massage in a way that prevents injury, both for the client and practitioner.

There seems to be the idea that pain is good, 'no pain, no gain'. I have even heard of clients being bruised in the pursuit of 'good pain'. Yet over the years I have sensed muscles acting like meerkats, a hint, a whisper of pain and they tense up even more, on alert, screaming to the whole body, watch out! This seems great to the thinking mind that it is doing good, and trigger point therapy does have it's place. However, clients who are able to witness that sense of deep release from the lightest of touch using myofascial release techniques, there sometimes seem to be a far reaching and sustained recovery outcome.

I've learnt with some of the best in the field of Massage. Darien in Bristol, Jing from Brighton, Christine Jeffcut in Bristol who introduced me to Reflexology to name a few. Yet the greatest are those clients who know my full toolkit, the ones that can decide what they want to receive from a list of techniques, knowing that is what they need on that day.

So this morning when the request for 'a bit of elbow in my gluts please' and the relaxed yet energised face of the client on opening the door after they had got dressed, I knew we had more than hit the spot. I even threw in some body rocking, visualisation for chakra balancing and Rose Oil for good measure.

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