Watch our for imposters and have a #cleanerbeauty regime

5 Top Tips from the Wonderful World of Weleda

showcasing our #cleanerbeauty campaign, 14th - 18th May

It's be great to see all the blogs this week talking about all the amazingly beautiful natural organic, ethically sourced and sustainably grown products, businesses and ethos in looking after our beautiful planet while we look after ourselves. Yet, what is there being said about imposters, the greenscaping, the hoodwinking of policies in the pursuit of profit.

Every penny you spend has a profit percentage within the price tag. The profit on top of the cost of the production of the product is part of running a sustainable business, and if a percentage of that profit is fed back into the company then growth will be sustained in a positive way. If this profit is proportional that is ethical, however if it's unproportional someone along the supply chain is taking more than their fair share.

I met a woman last night, a lovely lady who loves the products she sells. She uses them herself, She doesn't agree with the multi level marketing of the company and doesn't really like some of the big names in the supply chain, however she continues to run her business to support her family. Yet she seemed reluctant to acknowledge her involvement in continuing to feed the company she is advocating by being an ambassador.

And here's the #cleanerbeauty campaign, to encourage people to look at how clean their beauty regime is and the whole supply chain, from producers, to supporters. We get awarded with recognition by groups some of which continue to perpetuate the imbalances in how businesses run.

Even with Weleda in wanting to get our message and products to a wider market, we compromise our business relationships by working closely with the big named providers. As my Mum often says, you can't bring about change from being on the outside, you have to be in it to be part of the change we all want to see.

So, here is my rally cry to ask you, how clean is your beauty regime? Do you know what's in your products, how are they sourced and who is in the supply chain? Get to know your INCI list and have piece of mind with each product you use.


INCI standards for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. The INCI system was established in the early 1970’s by the Personal Care Products Council (former CTFA, Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association) and the list is maintained by the Personal Care Products Council. INCI names are used in the United States, the European Union, China, Japan, and many other countries, for listing ingredients on cosmetic product labels. With few exceptions, the INCI labeling names in all countries are the same.

At the moment, there are more than 16000 ingredients in INCI list, which is the most comprehensive listing of ingredients used in cosmetic and personal care products. The complete INCI list can be obtained in CD-ROM, book format or as website access through provided by the Personal Care Products Council.

If you would like to search INCI name for your product for free, you may also try EU inventory of cosmetic ingredients - CosIng.

Top Tips....#3 of 5

Skin Food, put is anywhere, everywhere, anytime

Great for faces, feet, arms and even baby smooth cheeks

I use it for fabulous facials, heat rash, rough skin on my feet and great for hands after gardening. I just wish we did it in a Bath Milk

Watch our #cleanerbeauty film to inspire your natural health regime





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