Why have 1 when you can have 3 all at once...#cleanerbeauty tales

It's been a big week. #cleanerbeauty campaign has been a global love fest for all those involved inspiring everyone to #beinformed.

Me? I've been doing my bit online with blogs and posts... well, not on Wednesday or Thursday to be fair and so, today lucky you, you're getting #4 and #5 in the #5toptips all together

#4 has to be...regular smelly sessions

The power of scent on mind and body to heal

I give with my mind and body in my practice a a Practitioner and love my regular bath soaks. My choice is the beautiful mix of Lavender, Rosemary and Arnica in our Arnica Bath Soak . For its healing qualities of the essential oils and Arnica and for the bliss it brings through the olfactory senses penetrating mind and body.

If you don't have a bath or prefer showers you can also get the healing effect from a smelling session by placing a few drops of Lavender in a bowl of hot water or place a few drops on a radiator to reach your mind and body - or sprinkle a few drops in your car

#5 itchy eyes make for irritable behaviour syndrome

the other day i was really suffering. I haven't had that 'want to take my eyeballs out and wash them in cooling water' for a long time and I was proper suffering.

Cotton pads soaked in cool water, Chamomile teabags and cooling cucumber slices aside, I remembered to delve into my Weleda Medicine cabinet and seriously, I couldn't believe the transformation. From bloodshot to blissed out, Larch Resin was my saviour . That and a spoonful of honey, the whole 'take a little of what you're allergic to' antidote and i'm a different woman

Here's me doing one of my videos... to our 'closed' facebook group, well you don't want me to do a live feed do you?





#certified natural

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