Weleda Delivered to You? Who knew...

You know how it is, you get home, you remember you haven't bought that vital item, so you go online, search for your beloved product and most likely you'll get the big hitters first and it's delivered in a few days. It's not just me living in a rural setting, unless you have a very well stocked local shop, you might have to go online for those specialist products.

So, next time it's for toothpaste, face cream, sleeping pills or bubble bath, think again. If you've been to see me at Grange Hotel or we've met in a field at an event, you'll know Weleda or at least your body will remember being anointed with it.

From the comfort of your sun lounger this summer bank holiday you too can grab yourself some Weleda love. We have a Virtual Event running this weekend, choose your products, save £££ with our special offers and it's all delivered to you direct.

Any queries, call me and with 30 day guaranteed return if you find out you actually don't like the smell of Evening Primrose, what's there not to like.

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