Waiting...for a new dawn

Diary post: Oct 29th 2017

Found in my drafts, never posted, still fresh in my mind is that moment standing on the 3rd Floor at Mystic Jaisalmer, listening to the sounds of the emerging day....(and not able to load the video right now...)

Each morning the call resounds. Muslims to mosque, the Hindu community start their day and the sweet sounds of tabla and dulcite voices fill the air.

I know I’m grateful for another day.

And now, Monday 18th June 2018, I wait to hear if Nawab and The Mantra Band will secure their visas for their forthcoming inaugrual tour in the UK. It has been a year in the making, reaching out to new and more familiar contacts, taking the knock backs, of which there have been plenty.

Each phonecall to Nawab in Jodphur, a renewed passion to help wherever I can, and the humility to accept where I cannot. I am rich in purpose although as poor as the church opposite my front door that is due to close it's doors as it's community has dwindled over the recent years. I have the wisdom to accept the blurring of the edges of a so called community where it suits personal beliefs far from my own.

This world that has become so unfriendly, restricted and hardened by hate, I will rise, like a phoenix from each knock back and bigoted opinion to shine a light for a new dawn, and it's far easier while listening to the dulcite tones of The Mantra to ease the potential forthcoming outcome. At least we have the power of technology to link together in a global community.

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