Stepping Back to Move Forward

 In review of the last few months, in the fullness of the spring, the turning towards Summer on Solstice Day, I remember the long damp cold Winter we have experienced in Cumbria.

For me, there was a lot of darkness, personally in my purpose as a wellbeing practitioner, in an industry fast on supporting competitive practice to out do for the highest profit gain.  Where do I fit as someone promoting healthy supply chains, wanting the authentic ethical and sustainable, not just the hype of the latest buzz words and trendy brigade who think that's the way of things to succeed?

Living spiritually, what does that mean now? And does it matter? How do we find our own spirit level to keep ourselves in balance, a healthy balance that suits us not some arbitrary cure all to line someone else's profit purse.

The approach we offer is experience-based and reflective. It is scientific since it is a conscious and rigorous pathway based on experience. At the same time, it is all-human since it involves the fullness of our human capacities and is concerned with the healthy transformation of humanity in service of world needs.

I'm now not sure if I wrote this quote or gleamed it from a page of a book or online website yet it covers the extent to what having an Anthroposophical practice means. To be witness, to the wider world and to our inner self, to see our part in the whole and to know that each segment is an essential part of the vast complex whole.

So, on this summer solstice, the turning of the wheel, I ask you to turn your intention inward, to meet yourself as you are in the hope to see what you bring to the vastness of our global community, and if you want support, my purpose is to help you through your own turning of your life wheel, one season at a time.

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