Summer Sessions in the Sun

Each year since, let's see now, 2003 I've been attending outdoor events and many haven't been that sunny. Mud packs might have been more appropriate for a treatment at some, and there have been others where Aftersun lotion applications were definitely necessary.

So far this year, instead of the 8-9 events, I've signed up for just 3 outdoor events.

Big Brill Camp in Buckinghamshire, Gathering in the Woods in Cumbria and End of the Road in September at Larmer Tree Gardens in Dorset. Less is definately more this year, all uniquely different and yet the service we provide is world class in each location.

With the tent pitched, our communal pop up clinic was ready. Most events we just have 2 practitioners in the 4.5m space, although there would be room for an additional seated massage chair offering shorter sessions and for larger events, more structures can be added or we set up in structures provided. At a yoga retreat last year we were given a beautiful converted barn to work from and last weekend I set up in a holiday let in Cark for a Baby Shower. Catering for 1 - 3 day events for celebrations, retreats,workshops, camps, whatever the occasion we can add bodywork as an option.

Thank you to Michael Swan at Brill, Tony Wilkinson at Gathering in the Woods and everyone at End of the Road for continuing to support our work, literally keeping us as specialists in our field in fields across the land.

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