How can you help?

I get asked a lot from clients and colleagues, what creates growth in a clinic setting? Many professionals in different trades will say, best is word of mouth recommendations. Well this might work easier if you're plumber, mechanic, in the building trade for instance. There seem to be so many more pitfalls providing such a personal service such as Wellbeing. non medical and not your usual beauty treatment, the mere mention of Holistic might scare people off.

Just this morning a colleague suggested we promote Mindfulness at a forthcoming event, "well a lot of people don't like being touched'. As a person who touches people for a living this is very unsettling and I wonder, is there a North/South divide? Are there regional differences? Where does Holistic Wellbeing fit?

In the last few weeks I've helped someone with exam stress both in relaxation and in visualisation techniques, gave healing for a torn gastrocnemius and the sleepless nights that has resulted in and celebrated at a baby shower weekend at a holiday let, to name a few.

I love what I do, the diversity of my practice and tailoring each session to what people are looking for. Not to mention the newbies, never had anything, just visiting the Spa for the day clients, they don't know what hits them when they truly give into having that time for themselves, how it can both sort out physically ailments and quieten the mind.

So, thank you for asking and how can you help?...complete the survey, totally anonymous, whether it is you who have been to see me before, or you forward to friends to complete, the more definately is the merrier in terms of what I can provide, to who, for what and to know where to find them.

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