#cleanerbeauty...the quest continues

Long before the hashtags were thought up, way before the campaign titles were first uttered we were generating a buzz for an industry that walks it's talk. For the past 23 years of my career, it's something I have done, do everyday and will continue to do after my last client leaves my final clinic, whenever that is.

Weleda and I are like old friends. You know the ones, always there for you even if you're not in touch all the time. Like the mate who offers you solace when you've partied a bit too hard or stayed up too late into the night and you're suffering the next day. When you're feeling all dried out from too much sun, tired out from too many hours working and muscles aching from pushing yourself for that extra finger hold at climbing club, that extra mile on the bike or running that final lap on the track.

I know I can rely on the brand for it's authentic ethics and sustainable supply chains which have been formed since 1921. How effortless it is to introduce people to it's soothing salves, heart warming bath milks and beautiful beauty balms.

So this summer and beyond I pledge to continue to promote a #cleanerbeauty regime and hope our film inspires you to ask questions of your providers that are key to us continuing to create a healthy wellbeing industry

Watch our #cleanerbeauty film to inspire your natural health regime
 by clicking the photo

#cleanerbeauty #consciousbeauty #ethicalbeauty #crueltyfree #certified natural

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