Showing Up not showing off

I have friends who say ‘i’ve got your back’. That they are there for me, like family, bonded together, as if we are cut from the same cloth. When we meet new people there is that moment when you hope they will be the same, that their passion matches yours and shared values will play together to form something new. When i first hear musicians, see an artists work, listen to the spoken word, my heart leaps in recognition of this coming together. That moment of pure divine creativity. So it has been with a heavy heart that I have been seeing my way through July this year, a month in which i would have been touring the UK with my musician friends, introducing them to new audiences and creating something truly magical. A month in which, instead has been about waiting, beyond the depth of patience I thought I had, waiting for something to shift, to be seen, to be understood, to be aware of how others can kill an idea purely from not showing up as they think you are showing off. What is healthy competition? Surely that is celebrating all our gifts we have to give to the world? There is no such thing in my mind and my default is always to be present, to show up, to listen and to see how I might be able to help. So, now with August approaching we look to another festival, another celebration, another chance of making something real that has until now, just been an echo in my heart, an idea of how to connect people to become friends who feel like family.

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