End of the Road - more edgy than a baker's dozen

The team is set, the camping kit is getting aired.... it must be time for a highlight in our calendar. Proud to have been at the first, and every one since, and this year we have some sublime practitioners to get you disco dancing ready.

Lucky 13, as we're calling the Healing Garden crew for this year, sees us adding some heavy weight treatments in the world of festival healing.

Bryn Davies will be offering Zen Shiatsu and Meditation for the first time at EOTR 2018 and brings a high calibre of touch having trained at Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, one of the corner stones of professional training in the UK.

More newness from Derek, back for more fun after a few fallow years getting the Healing Tree Centre in Cornwall established, with Chakra Balancing with Crystal Sound Bowls.

Lomi Lomi is one of the most profound experience I've had in my 23 year career as a bodyworker and believe me, I've had lots of amazing sessions. Justine Bonner, who joins us for the first time this year, is one of the best.

Not sure what Post partum Pregnancy Massage feels like yet i'm sure that Kia Lucas, another newbie to the crew, will soothe and nurture any pregnancy related issues.

Mark Pogson, offers afternoon sessions of Seated Shiatsu after his morning sessions of Qigong for the workshop area. And if it's anything like his floor based treatment you'll be released back out of the garden ready to boss the mosh. (check out the photo on his website, you'll see what professional arm waving is all about...)

Paul Brumwell adds Traditional Thai Massage to the list and Chi Nei Tsang, beautifully described as having the "power to reach the origins of health problems to allow the body to return to its natural balance of good health."

Vicky Phelan and Wendy Hirst join us from our Northern Team, supporting such events as Kendal Calling and Wickerman. Vicky is a specialist nurse, trained at Christie Integrative Therapy Unit, palliative care one of her defining career choices. And Wendy, fresh from completing a BA in Costume Design, furthering her love of theatre and dance, brings a wealth of experience in an array of treatments and 19 years of experience.

So what else do we have? Who returns for another year? and what news of more world class adventures, from the tip of Scotland to the Far East...

Andy returns with his witty repartee, bandages and tapes to strap up any injuries, offering you probably the most amusing session of effective Sports Massage you'll ever have,

Ed finds his way back to be with us from Thailand and Spain where he's been holding space for his nurturing breathwork retreats, not available at the event due to their profound effects, you'll have enough to cope with choosing which ales, what flavour of pie and whether ice cream at 11.30pm is a good idea.... it always is for the record

Eileen in the Purple Tent... you wait you really won't miss it, offering Natural Facelift Massage literally jaw droppingly divine amongst other redefining sessions.

Jemma, being 1 of only 100 practitioners in the UK to achieve the Advanced Clinical Massage Qualification (Level 6) with JING in Brighton offers a more soothing yet deeply effective body realigning you really are safe in her hands kind of a session

Julie offers her delightful touch as one of our most experienced, intuitive, nurturing practitioners bringing a rooted tradition of massage, transporting you to India where she lives. And if we had a best decorated tent competition... just saying

Luke, aka the bloke that proposed at Larmer Tree on the Garden Stage... brings his blend of remedial and sports massage but can go easy and offers Relaxing Massage too.

Neil our resident Osteopath, another team player who's been with us throughout the years, also offers Cranial sessions and Reiki too and wears his festie pixie ears with pride.

Although our real sprite is Nina, Therapixie, weaving her magical healing touch with Bellabaci Deep Tissue Cups to name a few of her delights.

Samantha, reflecting an echo of our inner nomads, her mongolian yurt with sumptuous carpets, warmly welcoming, holistic massage comes highly regarded and deeply restoring.

After another season at the Royal Ballet, being the body worker everyone loves, with a strong yet nourishing practice Sarah creates a clinic par excellence, no mean feat in the middle of a wooded garden

and last, but no means least Victoria, from the original 6 who attended in 2005, along with Derek, Ed and Mark, she always brings her sense of deeply calming touch with Aromatherapy, Facials and Hot Stone Massage.

Pat, still part of our festie family, takes his place once more in The Village with his Wet Shaving Company, offers you the closest shave onsite. And not just for the gents, Pat offers no shave facials for the ladies too.

Pre booking will be open until Friday 24th, all details here if you feel moved to book your slice of heaven for the weekend prior to arrival.

And it leaves me only to add, everyone is more than welcome to come retreat with us over the weekend, no booking necessary to take a break from it all, grab a cuppa and a slice from Cafe Dish, and rest... until the next delight of the weekend beckons.

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