This is my mantra...

Many years ago, when I lived in Bristol, I had the great pleasure of being shown a healing technique by Lianne Bethancourt Holmes, a beautiful, caring and inspirational lady.

There is a poem we were introduced to, something to remind us all of what this healing can bring into our lives for us and those around us we hold space for to heal.

And today, after a long time without thinking about it I wrote these words to a colleague, my own mantra from a combination of aspects I'm working with right now. I have many things to do in a busy life, much I want to do, much i ought to do, much i have to do to be able to show up, to be personable and professional. There is the Weleda Conference wisdom to pass on, holding space as a local contact for the Biodynamic Association and offering Wellbeing Clinics at Grange Hotel and in Kendal, amongst the many tasks required to run my own business.

And I usually don't take to affirmations well, I forget the exact words, can't remember them in the right order and never seem to get into a routine with them all. Yet I think this one I might just stick with...

Just for today I will be thankful for all I have,

all I want to have and all I am able to do,

with graceful authenticity and kindness

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