Finding our place in the world

It's been 3 years now since I was looking for a place to practice. From a client's suggestion I phoned and started taking bookings.

And since then, many have visited to see me to be treated, helping me feel this sense of belonging to a place, a space in which to further develop my practice to help more people who find their way here.

And what is it that I do? I sometimes fall asleep after busy days and wonder, what did I do today? How did I help? and why does what I do have such a bearing in our world today? Am I really doing something that is valuable, or is it just a luxury, a treat to have to celebrate a special occasion.

When we become ill there are so many factors to consider. I'm preparing to extend my studies in Anthroposophical Medicine, learning about the life of Ita Wegman, the massage practitioner who worked with Rudolf Steiner. At the recent Weleda conference I heard how she waited patiently for 3 years to meet him to continue her life's work.

Thinking back to the days I commuted by train to London from High Wycombe, or choosing to walk into the centre of Bristol instead of bumper to bumper in cars and buses for the journey into work, or travelling by car along winding Cornish roads, I've had my fair share. Now, just a 5 minute drive away from my clinic room at Grange Hotel, thinking how today I have clients this afternoon and how I'll plan to do paperwork this evening, the self employed way of being, the work life balance like no other time in my life.

And all of this, making me the best Wellbeing Practitioner I truly can be from memories of my daily commutes, the longing for work to finish so i could return to my book on the 1 hour train journey home, the waking up tired and longing for weekends. And on the days I wake up tired, a different kind of tired now envelopes me, I feel soul tired for our world to be a kinder place to be.

So, with pride, courage and conviction I will continue to forge ahead and daily 'show up' to provide all I do, as a luxury we all can ill afford not to find the time for, to look after ourselves, to remember who we are and how we really want to live our lives.

My oath to you, and anyone who finds their way to me is simply this...

Holding Space

Touching Body

for you to reach

your heart and soul

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