How the journey began

This time last year, to the date, I was preparing to travel to India, to discover more than I could have ever imagined. And now, preparing for Nawab Khan to arrive for his first UK Tour, my mind returns to last year...

Early Birds

6.37 to be precise. The first little peep I heard this morning as I awoke from an anxiety dream, not naked at the airport without a passport, that’s the usual one.

First time was when I was 24, heading to St Petersburg with the Henley Management College, administrator for a business study trip. Totally over packed for that occasion. Does anyone else anxiety pack? You know those, just in case last minute “cram it in the case” “I’m so going to regret this when it gets a HEAVY sticker put on it”. Now, with rucksack and wheelie case I’m proud of my considered packing.

Not so proud of being awake since 5.00am having a series of last minute “what have I forgotten” panics. Good job I followed them mind you. Main one being a pin for my currency card which I couldn’t have done over email. After the string of small incidental panics such as I’m rest assured my cars MOT isn’t due till January, I mean really? Only away a month, why did that pop in my head. However, if I hadn’t followed my instinct and gone through all the final checks, I’d have left without a pin and penniless on my travels. So, finally I am all set.

And at 06.53, getting light outside now, I hear a blackbird and the start of a new day. India here I come.

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