Fueled by Faith - business strategy vs vocation

Believing in right time, right place, right action can be a tricky business, it means the hard sell of a business strategy gets lost in the sense of purposely living.

Can you sell a spiritual practice? or is it something that you allow to unfurl, like a fern in spring, it takes time to grow, to emerge.

As we come into Autumn, anticipating Winter it is with a renewed passion, reignited at our annual conference, that I move into a new phase of being. To offer all that I do to the world around me, in my own way, ignoring the tried and tested sales tactics of business strategy. My 'business' on paper may not work, yet in my heart I feel its worth in the world.

And with this passion I am proud to announce my new location in Kendal. 13 Stramongate House and if you're feeling awkward on the numbers, just think First Floor, Room 3 instead. This year at our 13th End of the Road Healing Garden I also felt a renewed grace for getting out the message of my Wellbeing Consultancy to a wider audience.

So whether you are on holiday looking for a treat, are a local business with staff to reward, looking for vouchers for family celebrations, you are most welcome to come and find out more about how looking at your own health and wellbeing can enhance your life experience.

"I can be a better me than anyone can"

Diana Ross

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