Weleda Seasonal Gift Event

Here I am after a small private event at my house. For all those who are familiar with my Facebook posts to our private group, so you won't be disappointed, of course the video starts in my bathroom.

And see now, I'm getting brave posting this here out onto tinterweb, so please be kind, goodness knows I've already heard the inner voice confirming clearly those chins come from too many pies...

So, what do we have here, does it warrant 10 minutes of your earth minutes? It certainly does if you are interested in hearing about this season's range from Weleda in a way maybe you will never see anywhere else. The additional photos give you the full range and you can visit my Weleda shop from the home page.

I will be placing an order tomorrow night and anyone local to Grange can collect orders from Lindale or Grange Hotel. Otherwise orders can be arranged to be sent directly to you, payable by invoice via BACS or Card.

And I extend the 10% discount to anyone emailing their order through to me by tomorrow night, whether for local collection or sending direct to you wherever you live in the UK.

Enjoy the video and please do let me know whatever it was I asked you to tell me, you see I've forgotten again... I do wonder if it's wifi...

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