City Lights and Mountain Heights

After a stunningly special 18 months, holding space for creative collaborations, I went and had some well deserved me time in Manchester.

Christmas markets in full swing, drinking spiced warm gin at lunchtime and taking in the sights and sounds of the city, we had a fine couple of days away. The last Christmas markets I went to was in Bristol 2005, even 2004 to be honest. Proper markets with handmade stuff and gingerbread houses, so it was with some disappointment that I spied the stalls with bought in items stacked high, people bustling to bag a bargain. We took our time to find the gems, the artists, the designer makers, the producers of fine fare instead. And lots of them from Cumbria, taking their wares to the big city, recreating a time old tradition and being part of the seasonal occasion.

And on my return home, walking Tess in the woods overlooking Lake Windermere I thought of all those miles in between, all the hustling of town life and the bustle of nature. Birds sailing on the winds over majestic trees sitting in an ever changing landscape. Man made forests sitting next to natural wonders, creating a sanctuary, giving me space to feel a different pace of life. And time to appreciate it all.

Our history, our heritage, our ways of being, personal and collective, I wonder how the world will change in the next 13 years, and whether it won't be so long till I do it all again for future Christmas celebrations.

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