A place when time moved…slower

Each clock told a different time. One clock moved slowly, out of time of the day. Another sounded, a constant gentle tick tock, yet the hands didn’t not move. And the tide clock that moved at a different pace for a different purpose.

Time can be deceptive, some things make us feel as if we have little time to stop, to rest, and for that reason, I had planned ahead. In August I booked a holiday for October Half Term week, when I’m usually busy with bookings for people on holiday. I knew exactly why and even though it turned out to be a busy week for my colleague who covers for me, it was time well spent.

Time can seem to change when we pay attention to it. A break away from the usual routine of life, to be in a different place, with friends and family, to rest, recover and restore. And time did seem to move slower. I even had my own Spa Day, took time to sit in a Sauna and read a book reclining by the pool, followed by a delightful afternoon tea. And yes of course, I was taking notes and putting it all to memory for when I was back at Grange Hotel Spa.

The most important thing for me was I’d made time, or more to the point, I’d put time aside to make something of, to do something with the time I have. I consciously decided to choose to be kind to myself, to organise and arrange my time differently.

So my rally cry for the next month, with all the impending celebrations, the potential pressures to perform, is for us all to choose to live well, instead of allowing our lives to become unconsciously lived. I too will be looking to live well and take time to recognise my own mid winter celebrations with friends and family, to celebrate Christmas with great cheer, good food, even better company and time to just rest and take stock.

So if you're creating your own plan for how to use your time in the run up to Christmas and New Year and want a wellbeing session, book in now, there might be less on offer from me this year

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