How I got my sparkle back

Running your own business, in a busy Lake District Hotel, managing client expectations and colleagues bookings for spa days, is a juggling act most of the time I manage to sustain. The weekend before my Autumn break to Northumberland, after weekends full of wedding celebrations when we might get 1 or 2 Spa Weekend Bookings, myself and Laura between us gave 13 hours worth of appointments in one day. Thankfully I honed my skills many years ago at festivals and know that I can, when needed, pardon the pun, lean in and make the first appointment just as good as the last.

However, what I found in the run-up to my last week of work before holiday, I felt I was slowing down, my muscular system tightening up, aided with arnica bath soaks yet knowing the best resolution was a good rest, a change of scene and some quality self care.

So when I was preparing to visit Lindsey Wild in Penrith for some training I was a little concerned my body and my mind were not up for it. I definitely felt a little tarnished and was concerned I wouldn't get the best from the day.

As I drove I could feel the tension building up my spine and I thought of clients who regularly talk about hours of driving long distances. I was getting an embodied experience of what they present with. Finally, gaining my destination, I entered feeling just as tense as them.

After the introductions and the run through of the training we were asked who wanted to volunteer to be the client first. The great thing about training in any kind of bodywork is usually you get to experience it for yourself. So, of course I volunteered to go first.

Warm bamboo has been a treatment I have only experienced once and heard great things about. Using hot stones in my practice I know how effects of heat can increase the release of tension within a short period of time. Hot stones or hot water bottles using the elements of water boiled in the kettle rather than a wheat bag heated in an artificial microwave oven. Shoot me for wanting to keep things as natural as possible.

When it came to my time to get off the couch and to start to use my mind in learning the skill having had an hour of feeling the sensations of the movements I felt ready. My body was realigned and my mind was empty enough to take in the new knowledge. And then I remembered. Not just why I do what I do, but why I study new techniques, why I make time from a busy schedule and why I appreciate having colleague such as Lindsey, expert in the skills she practices and teaches.

And a message to anyone wanting to learn complementary alternative medicine whichever flavour of practice you choose, to gain a deeper knowledge, to perfect your skills, find a great teacher who first helps you become "study ready" to absorb and take in the experience.

Thank you Lindsey for such a fun, exhilarating and engaging course, the course manual will serve me well too. However, the best way of learning this new skill was to experience you demonstrating on me.

Lindsey Wild

BH Holistics Workshops

So it is with heart felt joy I offer you the chance now to receive, either as Full treatment or as an additional tool within your favourite routine, I’m looking forward to showing you the delights of warm bamboo massage

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