My 2018 Notebook

Much like the year that it represents, there is still a little room for thoughts, notes to self, ideas for actions, sketches and designs, yet in this time before the end of the year my thoughts turn back with a sense of accomplishment.

In 2017 I was lucky enough to travel, both to Europe and Asia, a city break and longer hauls, and only now do I feel as if I’m finding the time to reflect, to choose to sit and review. Now before the end of another year I find it very thought provoking, more than ever with the state of our nations and made easier with a notebook that reflects what this year has been like.

Heartfelt training courses, conferences, weekly gatherings of like minded people. Reading through it all I can see a way of being is becoming, emerging, being formed, unfurling into a full life of rich connections. Over the past few years I have busied myself in many activities, holding space for wellbeing sessions, art classes, musical tours, sustainable health resources. In 2019 I can see a way of bringing all these things together, looking to light up lives in my community in ways I have not just been dreaming about but writing them into being. Doodling my thoughts and keeping those creative juices flowing. Even in the darkest of times I was able to look and see, to connect with the feeling of all that I was working towards.

So next time someone tells you not to day dream, to stop messing about drawing in a book, just smile and know it’s always been an essential part of the process, and have fun with it all.

Weleda @weledauk Biodynamic Association @BiodynamicUK

SkinToSoul @thelivhouse @primewellbeing5

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