Mrs B and Mr G - best practice advocates

April 2019 I will have been at Grange Hotel for four years. I first hired the room on an hour by hour basis, seeing clients who booked with me through word of mouth recommendation or internet searches. I soon realised that hotel guests were also adding to the list of clients. Within a few months the hotel offered me the room on a full time basis. And what an accomplishment in the time since then.

Mrs B and Mr G have become first favourites, as well as Mr L who travels many miles on his weekends off, to come and rest and recuperate in the Lakes, visiting me on his way through. Tailor made treatments, each visit a different choice. However what I've found is a wanting to return to that place of zen, not easily found through other means. Couch time offers a different reconnecting to yourself, the ultimate kind to you experience.

I get asked by clients, 'Should I relax in the spa beforehand?' "Maybe we could have our afternoon tea on a spa day before we come for a treatment"?" "Shall I just have my usual?"

Mrs B is a case in point. A while back she went on a holiday, a detox retreat somewhere abroad and returned enlivened and wanting to explore new techniques. From the usual Back Massage, Head Neck Shoulders finishing with Reflexology routine, we went deep, deeper than before, more elbow into the sacrum, stretching into the legs and longer flowing strokes from shin to shoulder. We now have a new The Usual.

Over 24 years and counting my toolkit of techniques increases, expanding to offer wider experiences in the clinic and on location, particularly through having hands on time myself. My couch time in experiencing therapeutic touch brings me comfort and time out for myself, yet sometimes it brings me shockingly back to the reality of why clients comment on how encompassing my practice is.

So if you're looking for a practitioner, please ask questions first. You wouldn't trust a new supplier with something precious without a little enquiry, so even if it's 'just a holiday massage', please ask before hand and tailor make your sessions, you're worth it and our profession certainly needs some regulation.

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