Our Community is global

I m not sure if Linda is a Jon Bon Jovi fan but I'm a fan of Linda's. What she and her husband are aiming to achieve is pretty spectacular and my quote a day notebook seemed perfect for this post.

Her passion for the project is palpable, her purpose infectious.

As I look out on our world today, with so much destruction, division and chaos, helping to support projects which bring the sense of community as a global family inspires my passion to get involved.

What if it was my brother who didn't have enough to eat? What if my father didn't have a daughter to look after him when he was in need? What if my mother was destitute and lonely. And what if it were me? Who would I turn to for help and support.

Whether it's your neighbour a few yards away or many hundreds of miles away, when we come together in community we affect the whole. Like the tides of our oceans, they are all connected, merging to form a whole system that ebbs and flows as one. Look at all the issues we have with plastic waste now that the real situation has become apparent and how we can all make simple lifestyle choices to affect a global solution.

So if you are around Grange over Sands this Friday, don your glad rags for a night out with some splendid performers and some even more awesome organisers who are doing something to help our communities to be happy and healthy, and showing that surely that is a basic right for all of us, wherever we call home.

Tickets available from Victoria Hall, Tourist Information Centre

more details on Rotary Club of Grange Over Sands

and to register to volunteer for the Rise against Hunger event in April

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