Mind Diving

Allowing thoughts to fall through the gravity of awareness

Falling into being. Becoming. Through the veils of potential realities.

Humanness, the equivalent of gravity, pulling them into feelings, giving them value, with personal worth, individual meaning.

Like a sunrise, ever changing into shape, formations, different colours, preparing to become.

Pulled into shapes of emotions out of our own becoming, out of sync with our inner nature, create other shapes and forms not of our making. To keep our own integral potential, to show our uniqueness, to allow our shape to form is to be truly blessed with a rich existence.

In the quietness of the emerging day, as the colours and shapes of clouds change around the rising sun, a new dawn of reality, a full moon day of emotions begin to emerge, and I feel ready.

Personal. Unique. Adding to the whole yet being separate.

All those years ago while I was at college, a mere 19 years old, 30 years ago maybe to the month, I wrote of sunrise as a new beginning, my awakening of myself, full of potential.

I wonder if it was on the same moon.




Creating space in my awareness to retain that sense of awe

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