Feel the love for longer

It's been a great pleasure this weekend holding space for love. The love of another, the love for friends and giving the gift of time together.

the soft of candle light

Another full Saturday of bookings at Grange Hotel, with couples staying to celebrate Valentine's Weekend, Spa Days for friends on a weekend break, husbands playing golf, ladies reclining in the jacuzzi, catching up and chilling out. And the soon to be newly weds, recently engaged and beaming with love and deep connection for each other, resting and retreating with each other, a share moment to just be.

And my gift for myself this Valentine, is to soon retreat to one of my favourite places just to be, to take in a spa day, to walk on the beach before curling up with a book, my reward for making those moments for others extra special, heartfelt and supportive. And my Valentine's gift, as I hope those we saw this weekend will relish too, is that the memory is more than just the day itself, to feel the love for longer.

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