The Art of Kindness

My inner warrior, injured and battle scarred from the highs and lows of life, my mind, body and soul need to rest and recuperate. And creative arts is my medicine. Piece by piece, peace from piecing, making quilts from fabrics which had a previous purpose, now to adorn in a different function.

Creative Arts can be explored in different forms. Taking time to be creative is as important in our fast paced lives as planning for necessary actions. Giving our minds space to reveal hidden depths of understanding.

Have you ever spent time totally absorbed to realise that you feel better from either trying to replicate a favoured vista in paint, drawn a simple object, all it’s details, shadows and highlights, or spent hours choosing which fabric sits better next to the pattern of an old shirt worn by a loved one passed.

I’ve had an idea for a series of events for a long time, ever since I took an evening class to teach for life long learning. My project came together offering a space for people to learn new craft skills each week, building up a portfolio of mastery to design a unique art piece. Creative Play Space, your chance to come and share with a community of learners, all supporting each other’s developing skillset.

The Art of Kindness, for you to be Kind to You by taking time to be creative; Kind to Others being in a community sharing skills and even Kind to the Planet by reusing materials destined for landfill. Give yourself a new lease of life and take time to step back for a while to be creative.