Not in this lifetime

Many people have passed through my life. People I knew as a child, people I worked with as an adult, family, friends, lovers, husband, clients.

Born in the North, raised in the South, my education came at two schools, numerous colleges, I worked in London, have lived in the South West and now settling in the North West. Varied career, different industries, different settings, good at coming forward, showing up, holding space and definitely learn’t the once bitten twice cautious rule.

Thinking ahead to all that we will be doing with Light Up Lives in the coming months I’m reflecting back. Maybe it’s this time of year, Christmas celebrations over, Spring emerging, this time between to prepare for the newness of an emerging path.

This morning washing up my porridge pot, thinking back to washing up over the last 3 years, thinking back to the day I moved to Lindale, wondering if in a previous life I have lived here before and whether I will again. I had made a home, found a place to be, yet clearly now not this lifetime. I must be on a different path, and now is the time to embrace all that is emerging, revealing itself and becoming something greater than my individual spiritual practice.

As I pack up my belongings, to be unpacked somewhere else, listening to Ravi Shanker I remember all those years I’ve been listening, being filled up with the sweet sounds of Indian instruments. I feel now to be an instrument for a greater symphony.

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