Spiritual Antennae

On those days when my brain feels foggy, a bit blurred or out of focus I wonder not just what I can do but also why it is, especially if I’m fed, watered and rested.

When I see other people, friend or fiend, acting out of character, seeming a little odd, I wonder why. And when inspiration strikes me cold in my step, waves of spine tingling creative flow, not of my making, I wonder.

What if we are an antenna for ideas, an invitation to act and as human we have free will. That is why there are endless possibilities and depending on how we act, infinite outcomes and realities.

And it all depends what frequency you re tuning to what you receive, when and how clearly you understand what it means, how to act or just be witness to something greater than the individual part we get to play.

So tuning into your inner signal, are you getting static or a clear signal?

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