Hands Off

Have you heard of Hands Free or No Hands? Both are advanced touch therapy techniques, taking massage to a deeper level.

Allowing you to visit the canyons within yourself, those spaces between bone and muscle, where pain lingers, lurking and creating, holding trauma at it's peak.

I trained with Darien Pritchard in Bristol, Hands Free Dynamic Forearm Technique and sounding like those radio presenters, other alternatives are available, and please, let's not get wrapped up with who did what first, when, where and let's concentrate on the why.

The most fundamental why is because it is so instinctive. To go from fingertip to elbow in one continuous rhythm is not just a joy to perform, to receive it is heavenly. The ultimate for me is when it is combined within the traditional Hawaiian Massage practice. Long, gentle strokes, lovingly performed from ankle to neck, a dance of divine touch. With the strength and depth of the use of elbow where required, to gentle encourage a release when tension is sensed, usually shoulder, around the scapula or sacrum, upper and lower back bliss, is to be relished and repeated where required.

So, next time you think you need it deep, go harder, faster, more pressure, think of the subtly that can emerge from deep touch from that place of purpose. Instead of creating more trauma, ease it away instead.

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