Less Force, More Ease

On a recent Spa Day I booked an hour body massage followed by 30 minute facial, my favourite combination. It's like ice cream, definitely wanted more than 1 scoop but 3 might have been too much for this occasion.

During the consultation which felt rushed and a bit awkward, I was invited to get myself onto the couch while I was left alone. Now I'm not sure if it's part of the care package of this particular establishment, but it really doesn't take 5+ minutes to get undressed and lie down, although I still haven't perfected the 'get the towel delicately over your back side' trick without nearly falling off. I tried the 'batman's cloak' approach but then the what seemed to be weighted blanket spoilt any success I had triumphed trying to secure my feet under it.

After what seemed like a very long time, which I wouldn't have minded if I'd be told, the practitioner returned and the massage started and man, how does oil being warmed make it so much more pleasurable. One thing we did agree was the amount of pressure and if it feels it needs it, go deeper, otherwise ease off.

Well I wasn't sure if she'd understood what I mean't however while i was relaxing into the blissful sense of touch, breathing into the places that were starting to tense up from the amount of deepening pressure I realised one very vital difference with my technique and that which is taught to practitioners in most Spas.

Less force really does create more ease. Body work that heals through the process of intention. And it's not overly woohoo for those who want the non spiritual approach to massage.

For instance, working around the shoulder blade can be a sensitive yet so rewarding area to go deeper, and forcing any tension out leaves the muscular system fighting against the intrusion. Whereas if you ease into the muscle, deeper as you slowly apply the pressure it's like reassuring the muscle it's Ok to let go. I call it the Avalanche effect, you aiming to loosen the lower levels of tension, not apply pressure on top.

Overall the massage was very good and the facial was sublime, no lasting effects from any nasty ingredients and I drifted off for a planned afternoon of relaxation to really benefit from the effects.

So to all you massage fans out there I ask you one thing, talk to your practitioner about what and how you like your sense of touch, and answers on a postcard for any top towel tips please. I always stay in the room and help clients onto the couch by placing a warmed towel over them as they glide onto the couch. Maybe next time you visit if you would like all the fun of nearly falling off the couch and wrestling with the blanket please let me know.

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