So far, so good?

Since October 2017 I've been writing blogs, receiving praise and reassuring feedback from people who say they like it when a post drops into their mailbox.

It started with a trip to India and has continued with insights on wellbeing, Weleda, Grange Hotel Spa news and me, banging on about some such thought or something I'm up to.

It does make me wonder, when I get emails I receive and delete without reading, whether you do the same. Recently I sent a note round to our Biodynamic Gardening Group and saw that although 15 had been delivered, 13 where still unopened (phew, just checked and it's only 5 now!)

So here is your chance to let me know what you would like to receive. To streamline blogs, posts, offers etc please complete this online form and I'll amend your subscription.

Subscription List Choices - you decide

As Tim Smit once said, there is "no point shouting in an empty room" in wanting to get your message across, yet what I feel is worse is trying to speak to an audience who aren't really listening

For instance did I mention with Light Up Lives we have a conference in Carlisle this coming June.... Did you see we have moved into Victoria Hall and are creating a Wellbeing Community Hub? or maybe you'd like to know about other events we are going to be part of this year

Whether you're a regular, a random reader or new to our feed, your more than welcome to be part of Prime Wellbeing

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