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No spoiler alert for Hannah at Letterbox Infusions, we often mail each other things, items of interest from our travels, whether local or global, and no, it's not the Blood Orange tea in the picture.

After an early start and a business meeting at the bank it seemed rude not to go to one of my favourite places in Kendal for breakfast. Farrer's always offer a warm welcome, beautiful freshly prepared food and the best coffee and tea in town, in my humble opinion.

After an excellent scrambled egg on sourdough bread, and don't worry, this isn't going to continue in the vein of a food blog where each molecule of morsels is explained in exquisite detail, more scene setting than waxing lyrical, i ventured into the shop with a tea purchase in mind. Something extraordinary, something a connoisseur would marvel at, something to tantalise Hannah's tastebuds.

In discussing choices we chatted about wider connections to tea and coffee, finding blends that taste great and are better for the whole system, not just bodily but supply chains too. We spoke about ideas alongside what I offer at Prime Wellbeing, from individual or group wellbeing sessions and Weleda Wellbeing Events and with my work at Light Up Lives, offering a space for collaborations across globally local communities. Then this came to me...

'...we are each a segment of an orange, integral pieces of the whole, with seeds of growth embedded in each slice'

In collaboration we can create communities which flourish, ideas blossom and have their own unique authentic identity when nourished in a supportive environment. An orange pip can grow to be an orange tree with many fruits which in turn have far reaching potential for growth.

And the Blood Orange tea is definitely on my list of 'i'll buy that next time', however it was the one I had a sniff of that got my attention. The different layers of scent when I ventured my nostrils towards the tea caddy, one of those reminiscent of childhood, the ones with the china scene of it, black and red, the ones my gran used to have, the one that got used for buttons and beads. This one had a tea in it that smacked you with an airy punch then soothed you with a splendent array of tones, arousing memories to be made and if I don't stop now it really will turn into a food blog.

And all that before 11.00 am on a morning, maybe it's time for a coffee and a lie down already.

#tea #health #wellbeing #collaboration #community #uplighting #kendal #cumbria #locallyglobal #followyourbliss

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