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Since 2003 i've been juggling being self employed, sometimes alongside contract work, part-time jobs to keep the books balanced, sometimes little time for self and more full time employed. These past 3 years where I've been totally self employed have been some of the most challenging. Talk about playing the lottery, i stake a claim every day I wake up, gauging how I feel today and whether fear and dread will win out or whether trust and gratitude will champion and set the stage for the day ahead.

Today is a good day and one in which I'm thankful for my resolve, steely determination and ability to feel the lightness of life. A day to smell the coffee as well as the roses and give thanks. Very apt for spending the day at Hyning Monastery near Warton.

As I set up my mobile office in the Little Sitting Room, tucked away from the group activities of the day, i chuckle to myself remembering the conversation I've just had. Two ladies, having just checked emails were making their way out of the room to rejoin their group. We got chatting and I was asked what I do. One lady didn't quite hear me and instead of say 'you're a what? she said 'You're a which?'.

Well just say it out loud and think of what I am, a Wellbeing Practitioner, a Specialist Masseur, a Weleda Advisor, a Healer. I really don't think she meant witch instead of which when she might have said what.

So as i settle into yet another space i'm creating to work on setting up Wellbeing Retreats, planning client appointments and how we are going to Light Up Lives, I'm also thinking of my 24 year and counting career and what advice I would have for someone starting out, either newly qualified or freshly made redundant, taking their leap of faith as so many of us do.

I would advise to relish every moment, be aware of creating balance, not just in terms of time you spend working but also in order to realise how you personally are balanced, for it is only when we are in the central spot on the wobble board of life that we can truly see, feel and be of true service. We can better see how and where we are potentially becoming compromised, although maybe it's all part of the process. We watched Finding Joe recently, all about Joseph Campbell and his Hero's Quest, the aspects of separation, initiation and the return and all the different facets we endure in becoming something different to what we were.

So, i will relish being right here right now doing what i'm doing today and will tomorrow relish being with clients at Grange Hotel, enhancing their Spa Day with wellbeing and Weleda. On Friday I will relish being at Victoria Hall helping set up a Community Health and Wellbeing Hub and over weekend relish a day out with the Westmorland Dowsers walking in the fells around Shap. If I could send a message to my previous self, that younger me back in 2003 so full of enthusiasm, full of passion which has found me alienated by potential colleagues, those whom misread my purpose as competitive; to quiet down my inner warrior, reassuring her it was for those who felt intimidated to change their attitude instead of toning down my vehemence.

When i look around me now to see so many people turning to careers in health and wellbeing, I hope they too approach their discipline with a balanced approach, to guide themselves to be of service to our locally global communities, instead of merely seeing the potential commodity and to put people and our planet before profit as I have done over these past years.

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