Never underestimate

When things turn not so great we sometimes revert to type, the type we think we are or the type we are told we are, either way, it diverts us from the truth.

...we need clean water to have clear minds

Imagine, there are many things affecting us all the time, we feel those effects, we just might not realise what the source is. If you think that the pull of the moon can effect the massive volume of water of the oceans to create tides, why do we think we arent't going to be affected by the pull of the cosmos, all the planets, known and unknown, may well be coming into effect too.

So you have depression, you blame it for a low mood, but what if that low mood was from some other effect. You have a medical condition, diagnosed by a Dr, someone with an degree of repute, if you're having a bad day that might get blamed as the cause because the Dr tells you that is your condition. But consider that most diagnosed conditions have no root cause, it's only the symptoms that get diagnosed.

Our recognition of what is 'outside' ought to be our barometer, a way of noticing that which is the reflection of what we are feeling from our 'inside' and the what we are feeling ought to be our daily reflections before we prepare to face the day ahead.

If we don't cleanse ourselves mentally as we do physically with daily showers and baths, using cleaning agents, particularly those potions and lotions that cloak and mask us from truly delving into how we feel, making us smell nice on the outside without addressing that which is inside of us, we won't see the subtly of life. Those subtle moments when doing a puzzle, creating some art, going for a walk, are the things that clean our souls, keep our minds clear enough to see our own truths for ourselves, supporting us to know our own prescriptions for a better life.

So, what do you feel, on a visceral level, in your guts, your bones, what is your heart mind connection trying to tell you today?

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