Now you are gone...

... the pain still remains. We talk a lot these days about resilience and at this year's Weleda Conference it will be our theme. Whether through physical or emotional episodes, it is in the quiet moment of reflection we realise how much it means.

trauma freezes at it's peak

At our recent Federation of Holistic Therapies meeting, where Helen Harvey gave us an illuminating talk about Trauma in the Body, a lot of us who support people with physical effects of trauma already know the connections to mental discomfort. Reflecting on my own losses, recognising golden moments of resilience, I value my own sense of wellbeing and how I choose to be kind to myself.

Thinking of a friend who around this time of year remembers her brother, gone too soon at an early age, and how over the years she has had to balance against reliving the trauma through the misguided well intentioned quotes of kindness from those who surely have not thought how deeply effected a loss can affect.

Even in a divorce, marriage vows of until death, a passing over a threshold to a life without, only afterwards do we see the real relevance of supporting each of us in a unique way. We cannot second guess how anyone of us will feel on the other side of the divide.

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