Exploring Faith

I’ve been holding space for a group for the past few years. We started in Lancaster as a Cygnus Cafe’s, based on the World Cafe idea, we never had enough people to break out into groups, we just used the time to chat about issues close to our hearts.

Thinking about this little group we have has been through some trials and tribulations during it’s time, testimony to how having faith can get your through dark times. As most people thought we were a book club it got easier to agree instead of explaining what we actually were in practice.

One of the things I seem to do naturally is to show up for things to happen but even I, with juggling a private practice alongside other work commitments, I realised we needed to make a change. We moved the meetings to Grange Hotel, where my clinic is based and across the road from the branch line train from Lancaster or Barrow, it made practical sense too. It has ample parking too.

After another few twists and turns, potential name change and switching to a new location, we still met on the 3rd Friday of the month, now as a Light Up Lives Kindness Cafe, our ethos is still the same.

We have now attracted a few more members, our largest meeting had 12, but mostly we gather in a smaller group. We hold space for each other, a true sense of community, a unity for a common theme and we are diverse. Our views, what we are passionate about and our faiths are all different. I think we cover most of the religious faiths and a few others being practiced and the most important is that of compassion for each other. Kindness in one of it’s greatest form.

So if you are in Grange over Sands on the 3rd Friday of the month, we gather for an early lunch then meet from 1 - 3pm in Victoria Hall, and you are most welcome

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