Grand Day out in Grange

The day had been planned after a talk in March. Six ladies from a local Women’s Institute ventured to Grange Hotel for a Spa Day and to sample Weleda Facials. With lunch in the offing and a private lounge to rest in afterwards, the day was set.

It’s something I love doing, holding space, these days for many different events. From Spa Days, planned retreating from all the retweeting or last minute ‘get me out of here’ for individuals, the term ‘holding space’ has emerged. It was very prominent in a recent course I attended online for Weleda with Joey Walters, holding space for us to come together as a community of advisors, wanting to go deeper into the spiritual aspects of holding space for a brand within the corporate sector of health and wellbeing. Founded as a pharmaceutical company specialising in natural medicines in 1921, it’s now a world leader in the field of 100% certified natural products.

And that was the talk, Why Go Natural, one of a list of speaking events I’ve been offering and one which I have now given to a few local WI groups. It does come with a warning, and I’m always very kind to the audiences, recommending they go very easy with themselves after the talk and to be kind around any revelations they might have. The world of natural products has become very toxic and when you start looking deeper into the how and the why, it can be quite startling.

That’s why I love the practical demonstrations, the holding space for wellbeing events, so people get it from the inside out. I know I am living a privileged life when a client can fall asleep with me holding their head in my hands, trusting me not just to literally hold them, but to be authentic and professional and hold their stories in confidence.

So when I ventured back upstairs, on the off chance the ladies were still lunching to confirm the Weleda order they had placed, it was heartfelt gratitude to see them so rested that they were still there. It also by all accounts, gave space and time for renewed energy to have an impromptu planning sessions too. All in all, a grand day not just for guests, but for me too.

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