I wouldn’t have been their first choice

To be fair the first client had never had a massage before. I joke at such times and say ‘nice one, I can make it up then'. Joking aside, in a way I always do and that’s part of of the beauty of it all.

The second client wanted it ‘harder the better, I’m used to being beaten up’ - so I smiled and with the greatest respect informed them ‘within my level of professionalism I’ll give you as much elbow as I can’

And the third client of the weekend who had a fundamental shift said they were used to feeling as if they had come out of a car wash, that their body needed that level of physical touch and treatment in order to be effected.

And then this email arrived and now I’m truly humbled…

“Just now sat in the lounge of the b&b we are staying in feeling totally chilled and relaxed enjoying a nice big brew - your treatment was a perfect way to end my much longed for weekend away ... and I have to say other than my Mum and Dad spending the day with us yesterday, you have been the best part of my 3 days”

After each session I could see a change in all 3 of them for different reasons.

After each session they all said how they felt deeply aware of themselves and how it wasn’t what they thought the treatment was going to be.

And after each session, my heart was lifted to know that ‘holding space’ for such changes to occur is truly a gift I offer to the world, and to help others to find what they are great at too is my vocational occupation. That's more than running a business or making a living, it's offering a service in it's highest form.

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