Hidden in Plain Sight

"I think therefore I am". Was it Satre?

Did he sweat over the saying, waves of thinking, defining the phrase or was it a divine thought, a sudden realisation, a crystallised thought all its own, born out of a still mind.

As I typed this at 5.14am this morning after the dog woke me, thoughts leaping around my head as I try to return to sleep.

When did we get so hung up on provenance? It has to be proven, tracked, something cannot just be seen as authentic. Or if it is, the reason a known someone thought it, is the reason it is thought of as untrue for some many.

Van Gogh, the latest film, the director must be a painter to have depicted a painters life. A force from god to create. A force and style before it’s time. He was misunderstood, hurt and harmed by others. He didn’t cut his ear for a woman, he didn’t commit suicide. His paintings speak of a quality the world wasn’t ready to see. Yet it was something that now brings so much life affirming truth to so many.

When I speak my “truth” it has many sources but there is one source I cannot qualify. Ideas come, activities designed, the needs of client assisted through taught techniques and studied systems. And it’s at those moments of pure brilliance, divine inspiration that I feel most alive. Most human. And most unable to define from where it came.

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