It's still with me (Forest Bathing Blog)

I hold space for lots of people, which basically means they have the opportunity to stop the clock watching, take deeper breaths and get rubbed with beautiful oils, other options apply.

So when Delyth invited me to her session i was both intrigued and delighted, it was on a Sunday and I was available.

So, i took myself over to Arnside Knott, you may have seen it on many a video of mine as Grange over Sands looks over towards Arnside.

And there we were, 2 hours of, I wasn't sure what but I was excited to find out more.

The Forest Therapy Institute where she is training has been set up to guide people such as Delyth in a training that goes beyond 'getting a certificate'. They have a way of 'holding space' in their own way and guiding instructors to be authentic in their approach.

We were 'invited' to participate and although we were in a group there was no group tree hugging, individual time spent being in a space outdoors, in nature, looking, seeing, feeling, touching and then coming back to share the experience. We were not forced to share if we didn't want to and i have no idea where the time went although at the same time the experience was rich with what felt extended time to just be in nature in a way that was different.

I walk in nature everyday with my dog and to have the space, to have permission to be in nature in a different way was truly magical, very much appreciated and something that is still with me and continues to ease any issues of tension since last weekend. It has been a week of continuing self discovery watching where my mind might want to go to bring it back to a beautiful memory of great time spent alone, together and feeling part of something bigger than little ole me.

Thank you Delyth, and hope your next event goes well

If you would like to contact Delyth for more information please following the link below

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