Foie Gras or Birdseed

It came to me this morning. Someone asked me why I was offering my event, 'Who's Dreaming of a Greener Christmas' this year. And then the image of birdseed came to mind.

My style of promotion is laid back to say the least, more like a bird table, offering seeds of wisdom, advice and care in all things health and wellbeing related gathered over the years in the field, some years literally with the gigs at festivals I've had.

The other image that came to mind, was the force feeding that occurs in many industries, the clever marketing, the 'you really want this' adverts that cut deep into our psyche and threaten our mental wellbeing.

So, this is your invitation to come and rest a while, find out more or fly straight past, the choice is yours.

November Virtual Event - order here for home delivery (closes tonight 21st Nov)

I am offering my final event on 4th December at Grange Hotel, in support of Carers Support South Lakes (15% of sales will be donated to this worthwhile support for carers in the South Lakes area of Cumbria.

If you would like to organise a private event prior to 16th December, in conjunction with a Spa Day or an at home event, please just get in touch

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