Taking Time to Make a Book

Helen Golding Miller is a wonderful teacher. Patient, kind, considerate and encouraging. Just the ticket after a week of not feeling well.

After her latest workshop today at Victoria Hall hosted by Light Up Lives, another piece of beauty has been created, and this time, i'm keeping it as my art journal.

This month we made a Cross Binding Journal. Last time we learnt the techniques we reviewed today, but this time, we had a two tone finish to the cover. I chose blue and white, and used blue and yellow thread to sew the binding together, finishing off the edges to create an abstract design. And of course, finishing off with ribbon.

To 'gift' myself, an 'away day' to be creative has been truly awe inspiring, and i'm looking forward to next month's already.

For more information visit Helen's website and you're welcome to join us at the next

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