So what else do we do...

Spring feels like it's starting to spring yet the cold wind gives that gentle pull back to remember our winter hibernations. I've had a cold recently and it gave me 2 days of bedrest and really weird dream. Not sure whether these viruses are getting more 'mental' and so glad to have nutritious food to support better health. At Prime Wellbeing we host events and offer support for suppliers to delivery high quality products through locally global supply chains.

With that in mind I've recently joined Natural Cumbria, a group set up by Hatti who lives in central Lake District, pulling together businesses and services with more conscious consumerism in mind. They have had a couple of markets recently, Keswick and Windermere and one of their suppliers has started a box scheme.

For those of us who don't grow our own, a box scheme is a great addition and something I am looking forward to signing up for now it's being offered by a local producer.

Anyone else wanting to sign up? If we get a few people they will delivery to Grange, otherwise deliveries can be left at a central location in Kendal. If you apply to them directly please do mention that we met David at Windermere and it's to support the 'Grange Pose'.

Next SUMA (food cooperative, delivering whole food health products monthly to Grange) order 18th March if anyone is wanting and look forward to seeing you soon. If you would like to join i can email you login details and how to place your order.

Next DEJA Vue Cinema Club - to be confirmed, thanks for all the recommendations for films - we missed having club last month, Michael is working on a date for those still wanting to see 'Water' and from now, instead of 3rd Tuesday we are looking for people to 'host' a film, suggesting a date and location for everyone to attend if you would like. Drop me an email and i'll pop an invitation emails out to everyone on your behalf.

Next NOURISHMENT for the Soul - 3rd Friday - 1-3pm, Room 6, Victoria Hall

called a Chat Cafe as that is what it is, good chatting in a supportive environment, no topics, no talks - just turn up - we ask for £3 donation to help with room costs and you're welcome to join us for lunch from 11.45 either Butterfingers or The Coffee Pot for pre event refreshments

***to confirm we do not serve cake, it's not that kind of cafe ***

To find out more about other events please visit:

Prime Wellbeing Foundation - based at Grange Hotel

Light Up Lives Community Interest Company

GAP (Grange and Peninsula) Wellbeing Hub - monthly meetings enabling community inclusivity

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