Advice from our Pharmacist

In order to support you, your family, friends, colleagues and associates Weleda are here offering medicines to help you through the current health crisis we are facing.

Having the right medicines to hand could make all the difference in keeping yourself resilient or fighting if required. 20% off until further notice

Weleda Guidelines and good practices for

Covid – 19, Coronavirus

The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus.

A robust immune system with conscious and frequent handwashing will prove our best defence over the next few weeks.

Calendula Soap, Citrus as an alternative hand cleanser, Skin Food for moisture and if hands start to suffer Hypercal Cream makes for a good kit

Pre: How to stay well and boost your immunity. This will help your immune system fight off infection and also help you recover more quickly:

Food, vitamin supplements:

High dose Vitamin C 2000mg daily: Take 1 in the morning and the evening.

Available from supermarkets, pharmacies, health food stores.

The key is the amount and split this dose to twice a day.

  • • Vitamin D3 6000iu – 10,000iu take two daily to boost your Immune support + as much outdoor light as you can. 2

  • Try to not eat lots of sugary sweets cakes and biscuits over the next few months as 1 teaspoon of sugar can reduce immune cell activity for up to 5 hours. 3

  • • Eat well in order to maintain protective power of your immune system with a colourful rainbow diet, all the colours in the foods have antioxidant properties which protect cells from damage. Orange in carrots and squash, sweet potatoes, have carotenoids which are very supportive to respiratory tract. Red peppers, oranges, kiwi fruit have lots of vitamin C. Reds and purple in berries are supportive to respiratory system and circulatory system.

  • • Make soup using homemade chicken stock. With lots of proteins that can be supportive to connective tissue and mucus membranes and support the immune system.

The following Weleda products will help support your immune support:

  • Prunus elixir an enlivening supplement to boost vitality and aid recuperation

  • Ferrum meteor 10X/prunus summitates 33%/echinacea angustofolia 3X 100ml (unlicensed Pharmacy only mixture for immune support4). Only for adults and children 12 years and above: take 7 drops in water three times daily

  • Prunus 6X drops: for the symptomatic relief of symptoms associated with colds and flu including fatigue and exhaustion.

DURING: What to do if you feel unwell

If coronavirus symptoms present, you must immediately self-isolate, to protect yourself and others.

Make sure you have supplies of, food, fluids and medicines at home. Your network; can someone deliver necessities to your doorstep if needed? Get connected and exchange numbers. Are you set up for home deliveries? Do you have books to read or a list of films to watch etc? Stay warm and take plenty of rest and sleep.

For Symptomatic Relief we recommend:

  • Weleda Cold Relief - Allium cepa 6X, Drosera 6X and Gelsemium 6X. These ingredients cover a variety of symptoms that accompany colds and flu.

Red, streaming nose with a dry cough, deep, dry barking cough, dullness of thought, lethargy, headache and fever.

  • Herb & Honey Elixir- thyme & herbal extracts, soothes, loosen coughs, eases sore throats

  • • Ferrum phos comp UK pillules: (unlicensed Pharmacy only mixture for flu & flu-like symptoms5- 61033). Contains: Aconite, Bryonia, Eucalyptus, Eupatorium, Ferrum phos, Sabadilla. Adults and children 12 years and above: 5-8 pillules three times daily as required 5.

  • Pine Bath or Arnica Muscle Soak steam inhalations, to ease breathing.

POST: How to aid your recovery

If you do get ill, once you are over the worst you can feel exhausted and fatigued. Now it’s the time for rebuilding. Follow the advice above in Pre: How to stay well and boost your immunity.

And you may find Digestion Calming Drops drops useful if you have no appetite following illness, remember it is important to eat well to regain your strength.



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