Bringing it all together

We find ourselves here, another week stretching in front of us, another weekend passed by and I wonder how you are faring?

We are finding the time to settle into different routines. Finding things to do to pass the time, doing 'jobs' long overdue, discovering forgotten things and achieving new skills not just of inner resolve. My new office space has come together using camping kit no longer needed for the outdoor events, years of setting up 'field offices' is an old skill supporting a new way of being for now.

Friends setting up in similar ways, offering online classes, families supporting by not coming into the living room during the 'live feed'. Who could have imagined our sense of resolve would be tested in such extreme ways.

So many stories of a strong community spirit, bringing neighbours together for mutual aid, shopping trips extended to include home deliveries, phone calls to colleagues offering support and setting up UK deliveries for much needed traditional medicines from Weleda.

Yesterday found us collectively coming together across the world, stirring our biodynamic preparations to support strong growth in gardens, allotments and farms, spraying the vital essence of Horn Manure on a sunny afternoon.

Whether online through video links or over the phone, there are so many ways we can bring it all together, supporting the collective spirit of community. And, if like me, you wonder how your small efforts might measure up to the gargantuan activities being undertaken by others, rest assured that there will be a time for all of us to play our part.

I am missing my clients, those of you I saw regularly or those I was due to meet at Grange Hotel, and i dearly hope this time will pass soon in order to best play my part. In these difficult times, when 'touch' could be offering much needed support to calm the mind and ease the body, my role shifts to phone consultations, videos through social media channels and helping those close to me. And for now, my role is to keep all of that in mind, waiting to be embodied once again, holding space physically, when the time is right.

Until then, as an artist, my hands are never idle with projects born from rediscovered yarn stashes, finding inspiration in Persian carpets and patterns in nature on our daily walk. And in time, i'm sure our dog will get used to me not being around so much as before. So for now, I too find time for afternoon naps, preparing to have a different kind of Easter Weekend.

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